About Us

The Dreaming Sardinia Immobiliare, a real estate brokerage company, is represented by two business partners Pamela and Silvia who five years ago decided to start their own business and make their profession a lifestyle choice.

“After 10 years of experience in another real estate agency and having received appropriate training and knowledge of the real estate market, we have chosen to concentrate our resources on what we knew best, the tourist real estate market, giving a very precise orientation to our company. Hence the name “Dreaming Sardinia”. Who does not dream of coming to Sardinia for holiday and perhaps of buying a small shelter for the soul and the heart that this wonderful land offers?
The choice of the name was made thinking of our target audience: the national and foreign tourism market. The areas in which we work are on the south-eastern and western coasts, delimiting to just tourist areas including the city of Cagliari, which in the latest years has been quite requested as a tourist destination.
The passion for our island and for this job are our greatest ally to offer a high quality service. Selling or buying a property can be a pleasure or a total nightmare if you do not have the right knowledge. We can guarantee the right competence, professional correctness and transparency.
We offer the service that we would like to receive back in everyday life
Our real estate offers aim to satisfy a wide range of clients thinking to buy a house near the sea, with a spectacular panoramic view of the countryside or of the coast, or a glimpse of the city of Cagliari.
You just have to come and meet us! If you are too far away, you can contact us by phone or send us an e mail.