How many of you dream of spending your holidays as close to the sea and with a view of it?

You will surely be many, and some will think that it is a dream to have something new considering that the sea often insist on dated properties and large villas with very high maintenance costs.
Let’s see if we can offer you something to help you to realize your dream.

We are on the Island of San Pietro, at about 800 meters from the town of Carloforte there is a residential context that is part of a redevelopment and recovery intervention of an old marine colony that is part of the Geo-Mineral-Historical-Environmental Park of Sardinia.
The intervention made it possible to use the volumes already present to create 27 residential housing units equipped with appliances and parking spaces and divided into twobedroom, threebedroom and fourbedroom apartments. Sorry to say but the fourbedroom apartments have already been sold out but other accommodations of various sizes, with different positions and with prices are available for you to choose.

Prices starts from Euro 155,000.00 for the twobedroom apartments and 215,000.00 for the threebedroom apartments.

The complex is close to completion, the estimated timeframe will be September 2021.

Some properties have not yet been finished internally, this means that if you hurry you can choose the finishes you prefer, also taking advantage of the help of an architect that the company makes available to you, if you also need to choose the interior furnishings.

The finishes are of excellent quality and of first choice. All the properties have hot / cold inverter thermo-conditioners that will allow you to live them comfortably even away from the summer season.
Each residence will have a photovoltaic system with a total power of 1.0 kWp. In addition there will be a forced circulation water heater system with boiler integration, compact and integrated with zero impact, all in one, with electricity consumption reduced to a minimum.

Most of the accommodations are characterized by large windows overlooking the sea, thus leaving the possibility of enjoying the view at any time of day including night. It will be like having in front of you an hanging paint that, depending on the weather conditions, will change colors and scenarios. Other accommodations have overhanging and panoramic terraces on which you can add pass-through pergolas to better enjoy the view and the sun.
You can also decide to buy a cellar, there are as many as 16 available, so you can use them as a storage room or if you prefere you could use it to leave your two-wheeled vehicle that you will use to move comfortably around the island and towards the village. Alternatively, you can use it for all your beach equipment or to leave your personal belongings if you decide to rent the property.

The whole complex will be illuminated throughout the night, this will allow you to move and walk in total safety, furthermore all the external parts will be treated with walkways and green spaces characterized by Mediterranean shrubs.

For those who love technology and therefore do not want to give up on TV or the internet, there will be a satellite system and a digital system with a condominium dish while the telephone system or data line will be distributed over two points inside the accommodation.

The advice is to totally immerse yourself in a healthy and relaxing holiday: you can swim at any time of day or night, you can snorkel, you can do underwater fishing, long walks to discover the various coves of white beach that follows,and explore the island with a two-wheeled vehicle. Just 500 meters from the complex you will reach the Marina where boat enthusiasts can moor their own vehicle or rent one or even book for excursions with valid skippers.

Lots of sports and lots of walks make you a little hungry, right? Don’t worry, you are in the right place.
Carloforte has an interesting tradition of truly delicious culinary specialties that contain the influences of the peoples who have come here in the past: we are talking about North African, Ligurian and Mediterranean populations. In Carloforte it is possible to appreciate foods that cannot be tasted elsewhere, because they cannot be found beyond the island’s borders. But what reigns supreme is the tuna, the red one, chosen and selected from the latest fixed tuna traps in Italy. Each of its parts is cooked in a thousand ways and with a thousand sauces, with simple and ancient methods. Tuna is many recipes, many dishes and many delicious and unmistakable flavors.

In Carloforte, each restaurant offers its cuisine while maintaining tradition but some chefs offer interesting modern reinterpretations. You won’t get tired of going to a different one every night.

HAVE WE NOT CONVINCED YOU YET? Think about psychophysical well-being
This is the ideal place to restore mind and soul and to fill up on iodine and vitamin D.

Do not worry if you will not be able to come every year, you will not find it difficult to rent your residence and to guarantee you an annual income that will pay you back for your investment. Do you have any idea how many people would like this holiday ???
Now you just have to contact us for all information you need.


Property Features

  • by the sea
  • Cortile
  • parking space
  • photovoltaic plant
  • yard