South West Coast

South West Coast

Located in the Gulf of Cagliari, in an area of high archaeological and historical value, Pula is the ideal place for holidays of any kind. The town is situated near what once was the largest city and port of Sardinia, Nora, the sunken city, where today you can see what remains of the old settlement from the Phoenician – Punic, including of Roman Domination such as the Temple and the Baths.

Close to the archaeological site of Nora, located on the coast seaside town, the closest beach, there is a marine protected area, where you may spot herons, flamingos and several species of gulls. Just within this area, near the lagoon, a few years ago was set up education centre for environmental to give the opportunity to learn about the various species that inhabit this natural environment and where you can discover the secrets of the lagoon and tidal power. The centre offers guided tours to the “Aquarium”, canoe trips through the meanders of the many canals and snorkelling in the area of the Roman quarry under the sea.

Pula, despite its size, has undergone a remarkable development in the last decade, and this has meant that all grow great facilities for tourists. The small historic village centre is usually closed to traffic, and during the summer, shops stay open until late at night, offering the opportunity, to those that during the day want to enjoy the sea, to enjoy the village with confidence in the cooler hours.

In the main square are organized musical and theatrical performances, which always greet some success by those staying in the area. Pula offers a decent selection of restaurants, well known for sea food but also for the specialities of meat. In addition, within the country area, there are various outlets where you can buy genuine local products that go directly from the producer to the consumer. Many houses in the village belong to the tourists who came here for the first time and they fell in love with the place and lifestyle.

Continuing on the west coast we find Santa Margherita characterized by approximately 12 kilometres of coastline with in inlets and bays of white sand beaches and crystal clear water. There are several private residential complexes, with different types of houses, located few meters from the sea and in which are rows of beautiful green pine in which there are immersed in a perfume that sprinkle the surrounding air. Tranquility best describe the type of holiday to which we encounter. As for tourist accommodation facilities exist in different categories including some of the most famous and prestigious in the world. Immediately after Santa Margherita a totally different landscape, Chia, a seaside resort in the municipality of Domus de Maria, is characterize by dunes and Mediterranean plants.

Chia has some of the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia: Capo Teulada, Su Giudeu, Cala Cipolla, and Baia Chia, the place where the Romans founded Bithia, a city that, together with Nora and Karalis (Cagliari) protected this stretch of coast. Here nature takes on a more wild; pristine stretches of beaches and high dunes formed by white sand and crystal clear sea with shades ranging from green to blue. Long beaches offer tourists plenty of ways to spend their holiday, including: sailing, motor boats, water skiing, diving, fishing, jet skis, horseback riding or simply enjoy the sun the beach and the sea comfortably lying on a lounger under a parasol. The main beaches have excellent facilities with parking, toilets, showers and kiosks. Visited each year by thousands tourists, Chia is discovering its heydaynumerous thanks to accommodation and to some sports initiatives internationally known , first of all competitive surfing and windsurfing.