Today’s guest on our blog is Andrea Milia, the Cagliari-born ‘stone weaver’ who has made his art the focus of his work. But first of all, we would like to introduce ourselves: we are a real estate agency specialising in buying and selling property along the coastal strip of southern Sardinia. Our aim has always […]

Sardinian stone as a furnishing element.

Today we would like to introduce you to Barbara Maria Atzeri (founder of the Roccas brand, which aims to create furnishing objects using Sardinian stone), who has taken part in a project that is very important to us. As a real estate agency specialising in buying and selling property along the coastal strip of southern […]


In anticipation of World Photography Day, we would like to pay tribute to a German ethnologist, linguist and philologist Max Leopold Wagner. Considered the foremost scholar of Sardinian linguistics, he has made photography his distinctive medium of investigation. What binds us to him? The desire to narrate the true essence of our island, to bring […]

Convert your home into an accommodation facility

Thinking of investing your savings but haven’t yet decided how? An increasing number of people are choosing to dedicate their time and money to setting up an accommodation facility! There are many reasons for this! Some people, already owning a family property suitable for this type of investment, try to find a solution to turn […]

Some good reasons to buy a house in Sardinia

Let yourself be captured by our island: buy a house in Sardinia! There are those who are lucky enough to live here all the time, those who choose it as their holiday destination every year, those who have only been here once and plan to return soon, and those who have not yet had the […]

Discovering green building: advantages, disadvantages and future perspectives

Today we want to talk about something that is increasingly close to everyone’s heart: the well-being of our HOUSE. We are referring both to our planet earth and to our main home. Are the two closely connected? Absolutely! In a GREEN perspective, we can definitely do something in our own small way to preserve our […]

5 reasons to buy your second home in Sardinia

Imagine a stressfull working week,  full of appointments and unforseen events. ? The week comes to an end, but you’re exhausted and you need to recharge your batteries. Have you ever thought how nice it would be to have a second home in Sardinia, a place where you can enjoy the sea and tranquillity, escaping from routine […]