Convert your home into an accommodation facility

Thinking of investing your savings but haven’t yet decided how? An increasing number of people are choosing to dedicate their time and money to setting up an accommodation facility!

There are many reasons for this!

Some people, already owning a family property suitable for this type of investment, try to find a solution to turn it into income.
Those who are looking around for the right opportunity to bet on, with a view to a new financial income

The choice of which type of establishment you will open depends on how much time and effort you wish to invest in this type of activity

The first thing to do if you have no property yet is to choose the area in which you wish to open your accommodation!

Clearly, in a place like Sardinia, investing in seaside areas is always a good idea,  but we recommend not disdaining the hinterland!

You will therefore need to pay attention to the number of B&Bs already present in the area. Opening a new business in a place where the market is already over-saturated is never convenient!

After the property has been chosen, it is time to decide which type of business to open, whether B&B or GUEST HOUSE and therefore whether to allocate the whole house for this purpose or only part of it.

Generally speaking, the main difference between Bed and Breakfast and guesthouse is a tax matter.
In fact, the first one is family-run and therefore a VAT number is NOT required.

On the other hand, a guesthouse is a business activity to all intents and purposes, and therefore has a VAT number.

However, these two activities also differ from an organisational point of view: in fact, despite the common rules that differentiate them, there is not yet a single national law regulating the rights and duties of this type of business, but rather there are 19 different regional and 2 provincial laws that refer exclusively to the region they belong to.

For example, as far as Sardinia is concerned, the Bed and Breakfast type accommodation service can be provided in no more than 3 rooms, which clearly must conform to precise dimensions, indicated on the Regione Sardegna website at this link:


What are the benefits of making a decision like this?

Certainly your finances will benefit, despite the initial expenses of buying or refurbishing the property, it is a long-term investment that will pay off over time.
It will be your task to manage the facility as best you can, making it welcoming for guests and promoting it properly.

Keep in mind, the more care you put into this new business, the more you will earn!

But in addition to the financial advantage, opening an accommodation facility can also guarantee a job for you, a family member or a friend, which may be seasonal or last all year round.

Last but not least, when you no longer have the need or desire to run your accommodation business, it will go back to being a simple holiday home that you can enjoy with peace of mind after so much work.


If you have the desire to invest in micro accommodation and you are looking for the right house,

do not hesitate to contact us!
We have several properties in tourist destinations, which are perfectly suited for this purpose!☎