5 reasons to buy your second home in Sardinia

Imagine a stressfull working week,  full of appointments and unforseen events. ?
The week comes to an end, but you’re exhausted and you need to recharge your batteries.

Have you ever thought how nice it would be to have a second home in Sardinia, a place where you can enjoy the sea and tranquillity, escaping from routine and the stress of the city?

Have you thought about this possibility many times but haven’t made a decision yet? Here are 5 good reasons why buying a second house in Sardinia is a great idea!

1) Let’s start with the simplest but never trivial: the variety of landscapes that characterise the island ! Starting from the fascinating inland area up to the crystal clear sea of the costs, Sardinia offers several alternatives to spend your days in carefree. ?

Buying a second home in Sardinia gives you the chance to visit the most beautiful beaches such as Chia and Villasmius. You can also spend a day in Cagliari, always more appreciated by tourists thanks to the its panoramic views along the coast, its historical and cultural heritage, its seafront and last but not the least, the good cuisine that can be enjoyed in the numerous restaurants around the city.

What if you feel like mountains? 

No problem! It only takes a few hours to reach characteristic places in the Sardinian inland, such as Barbagia, a place where time seems to have stood still, preserving the traditions, customs and traditions of the past. The highest peak you can reach is the Gennargentu mountain ? where, during the months of December and January, you can also see snow.

2) We know you love your home, your safe place,  built with sacrifice and exactly as you like it!

But it is understandable that in recent years, because of Covid-19, constantly living your days within the usual four walls has been difficult, so much so that you have almost hated your home. So, to prevent this from happening, having a second place in your heart where to go to when you need a change of air can only be a benefit, both mentally and physically!

In recent years, the home has become not only a family environment from which to spend the day, but also an office from which to work or a classroom from which to attend school and university classes; in a climate such as this, moving to a second home certainly has its advantages, first and foremost, the break from monotony!

3)Buzzword: INVESTMENTS! Do you have so little time for your holidays that buying a second hoouse in Sardinia may not seem very convenient to yoy? Let’s try to understand why it is not the case!

Renting out your home can bring in excellent income, not only in long-term rentals but also and above all in short-term rentals, we are talking about ‘ Holiday Rentals’.

Having a second house will allow you to enjoy it whenever you want, even away from the summer season, the mid-seasons in Sardinia are all worth discovering.  Often people think that there are too many costs to consider in order to keep a second house, but in reality, the income you could get from it, it will allow you to pay taxes, maintenance costs, the rental agency and probably even the mortgage costs if you decide not to use all your savings. The investment pays for itself!
We can’t say that managing a second house is as easy as walk in the park, that’ s why it is important to have a property manager who can handle everything.

4) Owning a second property is not just an economic investment, but also an investment of the HEART!
Nowadays many people  choose to change their residence to move to Sardinia , after many years spent in big cities. Here they can enjoy the favourable climate, the sea and the tranquillity. Others choose the island to spend six months during the spring and the summer seasons, while the remaining months are spent in the place where they have always lived or where they are fond of, perhaps in the snow! Not a bad option, don’ t you think?

When I retire, I’ll move to Sardinia” Have you ever thought about that?

If work is not a limitation, you could do this even before your retirement!

5) Are you thinking of changing your life completely but don’t know where to start from? A property in Sardinia offers you the possibility of creating your own accommodation business!

A Bed&Breakfast, for example, could be a new business idea to focus on. The great potential of the island, and specifically of the south coast, could allow you to create a profitable business, if well managed. Currently, the South is not yet saturated with accommodation activities, so there is still plenty of opportunity for development in this area.

Cagliari could also be the right place to give life to this idea, as the city offers a year-round earning opportunity. More and more people are choosing the Sardinian capital as their holiday destination and this can only be good for tourism and for those who, like you, want to bet on this market. Admit it, you are thinking about it! ?

How long will it take to convince you to make this decision? Benefits but the benefits are significant, both in terms of financial as well as psychological and physical!

                What was until now only a wish, can become a reality✨

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